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You are about to enter our "Clients Only" secured page. Please contact us if you have not been assigned an ID and password.

Taxwiz Accounting is committed to keep your confidential information as secured as possible. Despite efforts from all parties, there is no bullet proof system in internet that is immune to hackers. If you have confidential information, please deliver it to us in person. If you transmit electronically on the web, it could be intercepted.

Our safeguards to protect the security and integrity of clients' information include:

You are a vital part of the security effort. We can't do it alone.

Understanding safeguards will help you play a vital role in protecting your security online. While we take strong measures to protect the security and privacy of your information, there are important steps that you should take to help protect your information when using the Internet:

  1. protect your password;
  2. use a firewall;
  3. use anti-virus and anti-spyware software;
  4. update your anti-virus software, browser and operating system often;
  5. protect your internet connection;
  6. prevent unauthorized access of your computer hardware;
  7. protect yourself from internet fraud and identity theft.

[This page was added since inception on 6 April 2009, last revised on 14 February 2011.]